Linda Martín Alcoff delivers her Presidential Address,  "Philosophy's Civil Wars" at the 2012 annual meeting

Linda Martín Alcoff delivers her Presidential Address, “Philosophy’s Civil Wars” at the 2012 annual meeting. Listen to it here.

The Eastern Division is one of three divisions of the American Philosophical Association.

Governance Structure
The APA as a whole is governed by a Board of Officers in accordance with the Association’s Bylaws. The Eastern Division is governed in accordance with the APA Bylaws as well as its own Divisional Bylaws. The Eastern Division’s day-to-day operations are carried out by its Secretary-Treasurer.

Members of the Eastern Division vote at the Division’s Business Meeting and elect its Executive Committee. Any Regular Member of the APA may declare an affiliation with the Eastern Division. You do not need to be located near the East Coast.

The mission of the Eastern Division is to arrange the annual conference held “on or near the Eastern Coast,” and “insofar as is feasible, the raising of such funds as are needed for defraying the expenses of the meeting.” However, the Division also acts for and in the interest of the APA as a whole and the APA often acts through the Division.

Get Involved
APA members with Eastern Division affiliation, APA members without Eastern Division affiliation, and (aspiring) professional philosophers are all welcome to contribute to the mission of the Eastern Division and the whole APA.

  1. APA members may submit papers for refereeing and presentation at the annual meeting.
  2. Anyone may volunteer to chair sessions and comment on papers. 
  3. Anyone may submit recommendations for Invited Sessions.
  4. Anyone with views about policy or the operations of the Division are invited to attend and speak at the Business Meeting held during every annual meeting.
  5. Host your next group meeting in conjunction with the APA Eastern Division

Those who are willing to donate their time to any of the tasks that the Division carries out – or should carry out! – please step forward.